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Your Publicity Boost by campaign@work ©

in short

I ´ve worked for and with several international & national companies and/or clients in the Netherlands and in Germany.

Started off in 1979. I ´ve got professional experience in various fields for more than 30 years. My main areas or responsibilities were: Public Relations, Marketing, Business Organisation & Business Management, Sales, Communication & Translation, Budgeting (Finances), Office Management, Personnel, and Entrepreneurship.

My language skills are German, Dutch, and English (fluent).


Not only do I have theoretical knowledge of those "areas" (through college or university/studied in the Netherlands), I ´ve also practiced them for many years.

In between and during work and study or vice versa, I ´ve also managed to raise two great kids. Furthermore I ´m already a proud granny as well.


And last but not least I really love my work. It reflects and combines everything I love to do. You could call it a hobby, my work is my hobby or my hobby is my work, my campaign@work.


So, it ´ll be my pleasure to support you with my Your Publicity Boost by campaign@work © The enhancement of Your High Profile by me will surely help you to increase your sales.


Your Simone Luise Hardt

campaign@work ©

Simone Hardt

campaign@work ©

  • Public Relations 

  • Marketing

  • Communication

  • Multilingual

  • German

  • Dutch

  • English

  • e-Publicity

  • e-Promotion

  • Digital

  • Advertising

  • International

  • Creative

  • Design


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